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We are more than pleased with the wonderful instruction she has received and are thrilled to see her progress and apply herself to this class.


We wanted to thank you for all your work with him, he has improved in many areas.


All of the instructors have been wonderful role models for her.


I highly regard your class and your teaching skills.


We took our daughter to another school after we moved, but she didn't like it. She said they were just running around and had no discipline. She was spoiled for what a martial arts school should be like by being in your class.


Mr. Lewis,

   You may or may not remember me; my name is Seth and I took lessons from you during the summer of 2009. After taking about three months of lessons I told you I wouldn't be able to afford them anymore because I was going to school at NNU and you offered to continue teaching me. I stopped attending lessons when my class schedule interfered and never returned to thank you.
    Last summer I got married and this Fall I started . . . . to work on a Master's Degree. I wanted to write to you primarily to thank you for introducing me to and teaching me Tai Chi. When I came to your class I was experiencing a confusing and uncertain season of life, and Tai Chi has been a great practice to help me focus my thoughts and relax my mind (I believe true healing comes from Jesus Christ; Tai Chi became a tool for me to help slow down and listen to God). I wanted to thank you for your part in that - for teaching me Tai Chi and for continuing to teach me even when I couldn't pay you, because you knew the good it does to you and you believed that I would "pay it forward," and give to others as you gave to me.
    The second part of why I am writing to you is to let you know that I'm taking a Tai Chi class at the university here, and since most of the students are beginners (more so than I am, even) the professor has asked if I would help with the class. Already I will be able to help some students while I continue to learn Short Form. We've only had a few classes so far, but they have helped me better appreciate your expertise. Tai Chi takes focus, but it takes a great deal of practice, and while I can learn much from the instructor here, I realize now what a great gift it was to learn from you while I was in Nampa . I hope to return to Nampa in the next few years, and perhaps I will be able to continue learning from you.

Thank you, again, for your mentorship and generosity.


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