Selected Reading List for White Crane Martial Arts Women's Self-Defense and Fitness
(Please remember that techniques are best learned with a qualified instructor.)

Awareness books
*De Becker, Gavin. The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence. Little, Brown and Company: Boston, MA. 1997.

Mizell, Louis R. Jr. Street Sense for Women: How to Stay Safe in a Violent World. Berkley Books: New York, NY. 1993.

Awareness and Self-Defense book
Dillman, George. Pressure Point Karate Made Easy. George Dillman Karate International:Reading, PA. 1999.

*Pennell, Elizabeth. Self-Defense For Women: Techniques To Get You Home Safely. Adams Media Corporation: Holbrook, PA. 2000.

Shaw, Scott. Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense. Tuttle Publishing: Boston, MA. 1996.

Walker, Joseph B. Self-Defense Technique & Tactics. Human Kinetics: Champaign, Il. 2003.

Wiseman, John. The SAS Self-Defense Handbook; A Complete Guide to Unarmed Combat Techniques. The Lyons Press: Guilford, Ct. 1997.

Self-Defense books
Cheung, William. How To Develop Chi Power. Ohara Publications, Inc.: Santa Clarita, CA. 1986.

Clark, Rick. Pressure Point Fighting: A Guide To The Secret Heart Of Martial Arts. Tuttle Publishing: Boston, MA. 2001.

Kahn, David. Krav Maga. The Contact Combat System of the Israel Defense Forces. St. Martin's Griffin: New York. 2004.

Tegner, Bruce. Self-Defense Nerve Centers & Pressure Points. Thor Publishing: Ventura, CA. 1986.

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